‘PAL Robotics’ – develop state-of-the-art robots specially designed to solve your needs.

PAL Robotics’ mission is to create disruptive service robots that enhance society’s quality of life. It designs and manufacture robotics platforms and software solutions for service industries and research institutions worldwide.

It develops customizable, tailor-made platforms and modular robotic parts that adjust to people’s needs.

It’s List of Robots include –

ARan is the mobile base designed for you.
Obtain 3D environment perception and richer data collection with the robot’s wide 245º Field of View (FoV) LiDAR and two RGB-D cameras. Unleash high performance computing and AI research using ARan’s NVIDIA Jetson GPU add-on. Move payloads of up to 150kg with excellent balance in indoor environments, including with harsh conditions and wet grounds.

ARan has a vision system that integrates from the get-go two high-technology RGB-D cameras and a 245º wide FoV LiDAR, ensuring 3D environment perception and rich data collection. ARan navigates in any environment thanks to the autonomous navigation, SLAM, obstacle detection and path planning. The Advanced Navigation Suite provides obstacle avoidance by using the RGB-D cameras, the addition of virtual obstacles and the setting of preferential routes to navigate.

The perfect mix of Service Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in one single platform

ARI is their latest social humanoid robot where you can easily integrate your AI algorithms. Thanks to its combination of Intel i9 and Nvidia® Xavier or Nvidia® Orin GPU, it will allow you to finally have enough processing power available for your developments and dive into the limitless applications of AI.

ARI is a high-performance robotic platform designed for a wide range of multimodal expressive gestures and behaviors, making it the ideal social robot, that is suitable for Human-Robot-Interaction, perception, cognition, navigation, and interaction. Its behavior can be customized using the provided, easy to use, web interface. You can also dive deeper and integrate it thanks to its extensive ROS API to easily develop, simulate and deploy application on the robot.

Kangaroo robot is a prototype bipedal robot research platform for exploring advanced control methods for legged locomotion. The robot is lightweight with low moving inertia in the legs and suitable for highly dynamic motions such as jumping and running. Each leg has 6 DoF, and a mass of 12.5 kg mostly located in the upper part so that the mechanical design allows for impact resilience and reduced energy consumption.

Kangaroo incorporates custom linear actuators with integrated force sensors providing a wide range of motion as well as high speed and torques at the joints. The design takes advantage of nonlinear linkage mechanisms to place all the actuators close to the trunk, making the biped robot research platform closer to classical template models. The non-linear transmission parameters have been optimized to achieve the necessary speeds and torques for jumping but require only low power whilst standing and walking.

REEM-C biped robot platform

REEM-C is able to walk stably at a speed of up to 2.5 km/h, and can even climb stairs or sit on a chair. Provided with a large autonomy, it is the right biped robot to bring your research in robotics and Artificial Intelligence one step ahead.

REEM-C is provided with 68 DoF that enable a wide set of movements inspired by the human motions. The humanoid robot’s F/T sensors, IMU, and RGB-D camera can help you smoothly implement and test your algorithms for the biped robot platform.

Out-of-the-box skills
REEM-C robot comes with a set of skills that work right out of the box, such as walking, grasping, Whole-Body Control or Text To Speech. The humanoid biped robot platform is fully ROS based, allowing to access its sensors and actuators from ros_control real time framework or visualize them in rviz.

The autonomous mobile robot for daily inventory-tracking and data collection

Have your stock located and gather in-store intelligence
Using RFID or cameras, StockBot accurately locates each product in store as frequently as you want. This is key to outstanding store management through retail robotics; improving your restocking system, developing money-mapping strategies and for taking better data-driven decisions. Our retail robot generates data that meets your needs and seamlessly integrates with your systems.

Keep your store as it is
Start working without any store modifications – a single initial set-up is all that StockBot needs and the robot adapts to different sized spaces automatically. It navigates safely in changing spaces and with people around, even if the shop is open. Collect any data at any time with our retail robot.

The walking humanoid robot that integrates the latest cutting-edge robotics technology

The walking biped humanoid robot TALOS is fully torque-controllable thanks to the torque sensor feedback in all joints, which enables powerful sensing and multi-contact motions. The closed loop torque control can be used for whole-body control inverse dynamics and safe interaction with the environment.

TALOS’ EtherCAT communication network allows to run control loops at 2 kHz, and up to 5 kHz, which enables TALOS to have highly reactive and dynamic motions.

TALOS has a payload of 6 Kg with each arm fully extended, because it was designed having in mind the use of heavy industrial tools. This enables our walking biped humanoid robot to effectively perform tasks in various environments such as the Factory of the Future.