Pedal-powered generator

K-TOR® designs and manufactures human powered portable energy generators that serve as portable outlets to provide electrical power on the go. Their power generators are driven by human bio-mechanical energy. They provide reliable, self-sustainable power anywhere, anytime.

Human powered energy technology from K-TOR® is the new face of alternative energy. Complementing existing wind and solar technologies, K-TOR® generators deliver sustainable, green power whenever you need it — regardless of the circumstances.

Human powered generators can be used in the event of natural disasters, search and rescue missions, blackouts, or any other emergency situation to charge essential electronic devices. Back packers, boaters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts will also find K-TOR® products useful. In an emergency situation, access to power can be scarce or non-existent. K-TOR® generators provide an instant source of electricity via a standard electrical outlet interface. Compatible with portable electronics, communication equipment, and more.

Power generators, which are basically batteries with an inverter included in one box, typically have an accessory to charge them from a car 12 volt power port. This can be plugged directly in to the 12 volt power outlet on the Power Box 50.

Batteries other that 12-volt lead acid, such as lithium, can be charged in one of two ways. First, use a standard Power Box 50. Connect an inverter to it, such as the 300 watt unit sold on our website. And plug a charger into it. Second, order a custom Power Box 50 with the exact voltage and connector you need. For the latter, contact K-Tor and have the charging methods available to you battery available.

Power Box 50

The K-TOR Power Box 50 pedal power generator provides 14 volt DC power and has been designed to charge directly 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries. Devices that plug into an automotive 12-volt socket and are within the maximum power range such as USB outlets can be used. Insure devices plugged in are connected securely. Do not use devices that are loose as a poor connection can create arcing and a fire hazard. K-TOR offers accessories for these purposes such as the 12-volt male to alligator clips, included with the unit. Available to purchase from K-TOR are a 12-volt male to dual 12-volt female socket, 12-volt male to USB and 12-volt male to inverter. Or, purchase a third party 12-volt to Anderson Connectors converter. To run devices that exceed the generators maximum power charge a battery with a Power Box 50 and run an inverter off of that battery. Custom versions with different voltage and current regulation, such as charging lithium batteries, are possible within the maximum capibility of the generator.