‘PEKOKO’ – Mobile hand Held Color Printer

Pekoko is ultra-lightweight and fits your palm, allowing you to print high-quality and fast anywhere. It can be used in conjunction with your phone’s Bluetooth to easily upload any text, image or design, and print it to almost any object at the push of a button.

Traditional printers can only print on paper and can print only one color. With Pekoko, virtually any object can be printed upon in many colors without paper. Fast data transfers and the flexibility to switch impressions easily just like your Computer mouse.

Pekoko Printer Original ink cartridge

The Bluetooth and Wifi technology lets you control it via your Android or Apple device, The Pekoko is a wireless electronic marking device. Using Pekoko app on a mobile device, users can create and change their full color imprints as often as needed.

PEKOKO smart digital color printer wireless handheld samll size pocket printer

Works on a variety of absorbent surfaces including paper, cardboard, wood, paper bags, stone, textiles, leather ,satan ribbon and so on. If you want to mark on glass, metal or something is unabsorbent, you should buy a Quick-dry spray after marking.

The app features a custom design studio as well as numerous editable templates and stock messages to fulfill all marking needs. Like: Branding/Advertising, labeling, numbering, time/date marking/ barcode/QR coding and shipping and receiving.

With Pekoko you can print text, images, QR codes, barcodes or logos simply by sliding the printer along a surface. It is the perfect tool for the daily paperwork, arts, crafts, and entertainment.