‘GAME GOLF’ is a golf performance tracking, GPS rangefinder, and scorecard platform

GAME GOLF is a golf performance tracking, GPS rangefinder, and scorecard platform. It is a comprehensive system designed to seamlessly capture and display your golf game in a dynamic interface with stats and trends.

GAME GOLF was created and founded by John McGuire, CEO and Founder of Active Mind technology

GAMEGOLF uses GPS technology and NFC technology to track your location on the course and every club used during a round. The GAME GOLF Tags are assigned to specific clubs by the golfer upon activation. The golfer wears the device on the waist and before each swing, “tags” the butt end of the club, where the tag is located, to the device. This registers the shot. Every shot will be recorded on each hole played during a round. At the end of play, the golfer syncs the device to a computer, where GAME GOLF displays the rounds on a map for post round review. Golfers will see total score, fairway accuracy, greens-in-regulation, approach shot accuracy, scramble percentage, sand saves, putts and average club distances.

The world’s first automatic shot tracking system for today’s golfer.
GAME GOLF gives you a revolutionary way to track shot performance. Shot by shot, it records all your stats so you can visualize your game like never before, whether you’re on your way to break 80 or just actively working on your game. The GAME GOLF platform can help you reach your next milestone.

GAME GOLF allows you to track your game with pinpoint accuracy. With over 32,000 courses to choose from, GAME GOLF allows you to:
• Review your rounds and game stats quickly on your personal dashboard
• Benchmark your game stats against others in various scoring ranges to see strengths and weaknesses.
• Use club performance data to know how far you really hit your clubs and eliminate distance gaps between clubs
• See shot dispersion and tendencies, by club and by distance, off the tee and on approach
• Share posted rounds with friends, family and your instructor, coach or PGA Professional by email or social media tools.
• Compete in virtual Challenges with your friends and other GAME GOLFers around the world

GAME GOLF has created a new category that did not previously exist; wearable technology as it relates to sport had really been confined to the general fitness space. Specifically, GAME GOLF integrates seamlessly with a golfer’s game.

It does not require a smart phone and can be used in tournament play. You will continue to see new technology and innovative thinking as it relates to GAME GOLF on an ongoing basis.


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