‘PillPick’ – Robotic pharmacy automation system that picks, packages pills and dispensing them.

PillPick is the only pharmacy automation system that provides unit-dose packaging, storage and dispensing—making it a completely automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing. PillPick allows hospital pharmacies to increase picking, packaging and dispensing efficiency, eliminate medication errors, and improve patient safety.

PillPick packages, bar codes and labels pills into unit doses, with a unique serial number for automated dispensing and bedside verification. Through RFID-enabled canisters and secure medication loading, verification can replace pharmacist check upon dispense, reducing workload by as much as 50%.

PillPick features an automated, high-density, robotic warehouse that receives, loads and stores up to 51,060 barcoded unit doses. Two robots can run simultaneously, allowing for both multi-tasking and redundancy. One robot loads unit dose bags from the packager into the storage unit and then picks unit dose bags for loading onto the PickRing. The second robot retrieves returned unit dose bags from the Returns window and loads them into the storage unit.

PickRing organizes medication on a single ring for each patient. Each single-dose unit has a bar code, which reduces the opportunity for missed medications and speeds up administration time. PickRings can be loaded according to drug name or sequenced by administration time. They also can be transported in cassettes, carts or pneumatic tube systems.

PickView Vision System stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification. A single dose’s image can be retrieved at any time, enabling hospitals to provide documentation that the right drug was in the right package.