‘PiMowBotIT’ – Allow your Lawn mower to mow your lawn autonomously using Raspberry Pi

PiMowBotIT is a combination of a Raspberry Pi (often abbreviated as “Pi”), a robotic lawn mower (MowBot).

‘PiMowBotIT’ – Allow your Lawnmower to mow your lawn autonomously using Raspberry Pi

The mower has a variety of tools and sensors to navigate yards and determine where it needs to go in order to mow. The Pi is programmed to identify the color green as an acceptable plane to pass over for mowing. There are time-of-flight sensors for left and right sweeps and a camera that’s used for image recognition. A custom board also had to be developed that made it easier for the Pi to connect to various sensors.

The PiMowBotIT application is designed to run on a light version of Raspberry Pi OS.

Developer of the product is Ulli from the YouTube channel Greenkeeper with Raspberry Pi.

The team has put together a web-based interface that allows you to see what the mower sees, adjust settings and control its movement from one location. The unit is equipped with a variety of sensors lending to quite a bit of flexibility from what you can control from the web interface. The team calls the application PiMowBotIT-SW.

Developer website has a breakdown of the software and also a detailed look at hardware options that can be used in its construction. For example, most of the body can be 3D printed while other components like the mower blades can be constructed using a specific cutting disk.

This is still a work in progress but you can see great strides in the work done so far.