‘Robot Pizzaiolo – Pazzi’ – Paris first fully autonomous robotic pizza restaurant

Robot Pizzaiolo is a fully autonomous pizza restaurant in Beaubourg area of Paris.

Pazzi prepares, bakes, slices and boxes pizza. It properly churns them and prepares to each order. It can prepare 80 or so an hour.

The machine was designed by entrepreneurs Cyrill Hamon and Sébastien Roverso

Customers can access terminals at the restaurant, or the menu on the company’s website to order and once the order is placed it is then sent to Pazzi, and the automated system prepares and bakes autonomously.

The robots move and flatten the fresh dough, spread the sauce, place the ingredients, cook the pizza, then put the finished product in a recycled box and cut the meal into segments. Pazzi can even personalise the quantities of ingredients as desired, identify and correct imperfections and replace them when necessary to ensure optimal preparation.

Recipes for Pazzi, including the dough was developed by Veteran chef Thierry Graffagnino, three-time winner of the World Pizza Championship in Italy.