AKKIO – simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to build and deploy AI in minutes

The promise of the AI Revolution is to tackle numerous, intractable problems across business, healthcare, science, education, government, transportation, and logistics to name just a few.

Akkio makes it so that everyone has access to the same state-of-the-art AI capabilities, formerly only available to the largest corporations and most well funded research groups.

No coding or data science needed
From spreadsheet to AI in less than 5 minutes.

Building and deploying AI models has never been easier. Akkio is designed so anyone can self-serve AI in three easy steps – upload your data, choose a business outcome to predict, and click deploy. 

Applications –

Augmented Lead ScoringImproving

Lead conversion is a direct multiplier of revenue. There is no better way than machine learning to rank your leads by likelihood to convert, so you can focus sales and marketing on the prospects that matter most.


Akkio makes it easy to use AI to help forecast and plan your business. Your historical data can train a model to predict key business metrics like revenue, costs, commodity prices, and market trajectory. See how to supercharge your forecasting with AI today.

Text Classification

From customer support emails to open ended lead capture forms, text is a critical way your customers interact with your business. With Akkio’s natural language processing, it’s easy to build and deploy everything from negative tweet flagging to targeted nurture campaigns.

Employee Retention

HR professionals collect massive amounts of data – from hiring pipelines to employee history to performance reviews. With Akkio, you can use that data to uncover insights that lead to employee attrition and keep your best people working for your team.