‘plenty.ag’ – indoor vertical farms

Plenty® is rewriting the rules of agriculture with indoor vertical farms that grow fresh, flavorful, pesticide free greens – all while using just a fraction of the water and land compared to conventional farms

Unique design for indoor vertical farms does not need sun to grow and its pesticide-free allowing plants to be grown in large quatuantity anywhere in the world.

‘Plenty’ plants are grown in optimal conditions: that means just the right amount of light, nutrients and water.

‘Plenty’ growing system yields up to 350x more per acre than traditional farming. That means our farms are designed to grow as much produce as an entire regulation FIFA soccer field on the footprint of a single goal. Farming like this reduces monocultures, freeing up land for biodiverse uses.

1% of the land
‘Plenty’ vertical plant towers offer an incredibly effective use of space. In fact it can grow the same yield as a conventional farm in just 1% of the area.

Indoor farming is fundamentally changing agribusiness with environmentally and socially responsible farming technologies that make local, sustainable produce available to all.

Plenty’s technology, which includes machine learning and customized lighting, is said to have 150 to 350 times larger yields per acre than a standard growing operation.