Polaroid PoGo Mobile Printer for instant prints

Revolutionary small portable printer promises instant prints at any time and any place with ease.

The Polaroid PoGo™ Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer is the easiest way to print photos from a camera phone. It transfers images wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled camera phone to the mobile printer which prints instantly.

The small portable printer weighs only a few ounces and can fit in the pocket. It uses rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter.

The printer is built around ZINK technology which stands for zero ink. The clear dye crystals used in the photo paper uses heat to activate color in the crystals.

The paper itself includes a clear polymer overcoat that helps protect the image and makes the photos feel more like flexible plastic and has the same look as traditional glossy photo paper and a similar thickness.

The photos are water proof, tear proof and smear proof. They are also water and scratch resistant. The borderless photos are 2- by 3-inches with a peel off layer covering a sticky back so you can attach the photos to any handy surface like a refrigerator door, desktop monitor, scrap book or a school locker.

The battery is good for 15 photos when fully charged which should be enough in most cases to let you treat the printer much like a cell phone, taking it with you during the day, and recharging at night, as needed.


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