POPAI.pro – AI tools to allow you to chat with documents, generate images, create presentations, access templates

PopAi is a web platform that offers various AI tools for personal and professional use. You can chat with documents, generate images, create presentations, access templates

PopAi is an AI tool that aims to improve productivity for everyone in daily life.

PopAi provides instant answers based on the latest model and can do more! It is enhanced with templates, and connected with search engines, enables quick PDF reading and can generate PowerPoint slides, X-mind charts, pictures and more. All these developments are based on the belief that AI should bring the concept of “Technology for All” to a new level, making top technology and knowledge accessible and approachable. Our efforts are aimed at making AI tools easy to use and fit into everyday tasks.

Key Features Include:

Connected to the world: Tired of using AIGC that only has info dated years ago? Need to double confirm the outcome on Google? Now PopAI is integrated with search, so you can write and create with the latest news and references.

More efficient content generation: with templates from academic writing,career hunting, to powerpoint slides. You can easily visualize the content with pictures and various charts. Storytelling is the only thing you need to focus on now with the help PopAi.

More powerful PDF reader: Need help reading papers? Polishing your resume? Drafting a test paper based on a book? Upload it to PopAi, let it read and write for you.

PopAi has a free version available. Even if you’re using the free version, you can still utilize PopAi for a variety of purposes beyond instant Q&A and enjoy a pleasant user experience. For our free users, PopAi provides the following features:

30 GPT-3.5 questions/day
2 GPT-4 questions/day
200+ languages supported
Limited Pro features
Up to 2 files per day
Limited accessibility during peak times

PopAi Pro gives you everything in the Free plan, plus:

Chat with PDF/DOC
Unlimited Uploads
No Filesize/Daily Question Limit
Up to 2,000 Pages per PDF
Auto-Recognition Scanned Files
AI Creation
AI-Gen PPT/Flowchart/Blog Post
10+ Advanced templates
Precise content from web-search
AI relevant online images
Boost Mode
Best model, enhanced answers via web searching and planning
Early access to coming Pro features
Multi-document Q&A
PDF/Markdown/PPTX file export
Mindmap editor