‘Cheetah Talk’ – Portable Instant Language Translator Device

Smart translator that delivers two-way translation through a simple, one-button design. Just press and hold while you talk. There’s no need to switch languages or change settings to interrupt your conversation.

One device that supports 42 most spoken languages with one-button.

Developed with Microsoft Azure AI technology to support smarter, faster, and accurate translations. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software enables it to speak like a real person — shaping your conversations to sound more natural, personal, and engaging.

  • Microsoft Ai – Powerful and reliable Microsoft based Ai translation engine provides extremely accurate and instant translations with an innovative and advanced cloud processing system. Talk, translate, learn, and create new friendships.
CM Translator | Smart Instant Language Translator Device – Cheetah Mobile
  • Multi-language translation – Get the pairing App and access many popular languages, i.e English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and more. (Note: a mobile App is required for use).
CheetahTALK Translator | AI Powered Instant Handheld Translator – Cheetah  Mobile
  • Superior battery – Ultra-long performance and superior battery life. Up to 180 days of standby time and a full 2 weeks of use. Translate, laugh, and learn longer with an all-around greater battery performance.
  • 2-way instant translation – Enjoy and practice conversations in a different language easily and quickly with instant 2-way translation. Back-and-forth translation allows quicker learning and more entertaining conversations with friends and strangers.
  • Trustworth reliability – with years of engineering effort devoted, this Cheetahtalk translator can be your reliable travel companion.
Amazon.com : Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device (UV Black)  Portable Foreign Language Real-Time 2-Way Translations [Support 42  Languages/Voice Operated] : Electronics

Steps to stup

  1. Download CheetahTALK from the App Store or Google Play;
  2. Turn on Bluetooth; 
  3. Make sure your phone is connected to a network; 
  4. Long press the translation button on the translator to complete pairing; 
  5. Open the app to select a language pair;
  6. Press the translation button and then start talking; 
  7. Release the button and the translator will automatically translate your speech into the corresponding language.