‘Walkcar’ – 4 Wheels Portable Somatosensory Electric Kick Scooter that you can carry like a laptop

This car, which you can carry around like a laptop

the four-wheeled WalkCar is powered by a lithium battery and can reach speeds up to 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) per hour. The device works similarly to the bulkier two-wheeled Segway device, with the user shifting their weight to change direction.

4 Wheels Electric Kick Scooter with APP (ICARBOT)

Technical Specifications:
1. Distance can drive: 15KM
2. Highest Speed: 12KM/H
3. Speed Limitation Alert: Ringing and Heads Up
4. Climbing Alibility: 15 Degree
5. Maximum Loading Ability: 120KGS
6. Working Temperature: -10 — 40 Degree
7. Turning Radius: 0M
8. Product Power: 260W
9. Battery: Samsung Lithium Chargable Battery, 36V, 4.4A Capacity. 
10. Battery Power: 158W
11. Charging Time and Temperature: 2-3 Hours and 0–45 Degree
12. Overcharging Protection: Yes
13. Charger: 100–240V, 50–60Hz
14: Waterproof: Level 5
15. Material: Aluminum
16. Production Size:383.5×310.5×106.3MM
17. Packing and accessories: WalkCar, Battery, Charger, User’s Manual,Warranty Card, Screws etc.

When climbling, drive normally but put more power on front part of feet. When going over small driveways also doing the same like this. As the wheels are not so big so we don’t recommend to go over big or wide obstacles.

The app has many functions, such as control the power on/off, can show the temperature, battery, real-time speed of walkcar, and you can set the highest speed. Also can control the LED light of walkcar, and with SNS communication etc.