SAFR – AI-powered real-time facial recognition

SAFR for Security is the premier facial recognition solution for live video that’s both highly accurate and tuned for rapid performance. With 99.87 percent accuracy, SAFR for Security can instantly detect and match millions of faces in real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured – reducing the number of false alarms and simplifying a security professional’s ability to secure an area with confidence.

Security professionals can deploy SAFR as a standalone solution or integrated with video management systems (VMS). With VMS integration, security professionals can realize the benefits of SAFR through the interface they’re familiar with to experience a higher level of visibility across all camera feeds and respond to security events in real time.

How it works

SAFR Inside performs face detection and tracking in real time on live video streams, rapidly detecting and cropping face images in the field of view. These key image processing tasks are performed directly on the camera running SAFR Inside. Individual face images are then sent for analysis and optional recognition to the SAFR Server, which can be deployed in the Cloud or on premises in a corporate data center.

SAFR Inside How It Works

When SAFR is paired with a VMS, the integrated experience provides vigilant 24/7 monitoring and can include live video overlays within the VMS to identify strangers, threats, concerns, unrecognized persons, VIPs, employees, or other tagged individuals in live video.

Security teams can customize real-time alerts to automatically notify them when persons of interest appear on a video camera feed, or make use of automated bookmarking to conduct investigative analysis.

SAFR for Security attaches rich metadata to video footage so security professionals can search by time range, location, category, person type, and registered individual, instead of sifting through hours of video to find a specific person.

Real-time, in-camera face detection, mask detection, and more

SAFR Inside brings NIST-leading live video face recognition and additional features to smart edge devices. Embedded directly into the camera, SAFR Inside utilizes onboard compute functionality — eliminating the need for servers dedicated to processing video streams.

SAFR for Security helps teams stay engaged, alert, and focused by minimizing:

  • Alarm fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Tedium
  • Staffing gaps
  • False positives
  • False negatives
  • Misidentification
  • Bottlenecks at secure access points
  • Tailgating & piggybacking

Mask detection and alerting
Detect faces of persons entering your business, and trigger an audio or visual reminder if they are not wearing a protective face mask in accordance with facility guidelines.