‘NOVUS’ – premium lightweight E-Motorbike

NOVUS is a handcrafted-limited series full carbon fiber Motorbike.

NOVUS is more than a Motorcycle. It is a piece of Art on Wheels

Specially developed wheel hub motor with its futuristic design, in combination with the powerful battery and the low vehicle mass, ensures a superior power-to-weight ratio. Our driving performance easily surpasses comparable 125cc machines.

The unique frame is made out of one single piece. It is both a supporting skeleton and a design-defining outer skin. There is no need for additional cladding. Compared to conventional steel or aluminum frames, it is lighter, more torsion-resistant and a beautiful sculpture.


All electric components are safe and protected

  • 2.9 sec
    0-50 km/h
  • 30 kw
    peak performance
  • 130 km/h
    top speed
  • 130 km
    city range
  • 75 kg
    including battery

Lighter than other Motorcycles with the same power

Faster than other Motorcycles with the same weight

Mono fork is a new development from NOVUS. It is a central design element and gives our bike this unique, light and slim look.


Style and Lightweight

Our specially developed carbon fiber rims in rotor design are an important part of our consistent lightweight construction approach and simply look great.

Forgotten your key? No problem, you can optionally unlock your NOVUS via NFC with your cell phone and get a lot of additional information via the app.