Gita (pronounced JEE-tah) – automated personal cargo hauler robot

Gita is a carrying bot, with the ability to hold up to 40 pounds of groceries and other items.

Gita carries your belongings so you’re free to walk further and more often. gita’s cargo bin allows you to transport up to 40 pounds, while gitamini can carry up to 20 pounds.

Gita (pronounced “jee-ta,” Italian for “short trip”) is produced by Piaggio Fast Forward, the Boston-based company founded in 2015 by Piaggio Group, the Italian creator of the Vespa scooter

Gita’s following technology is the first (and only) of its kind. It uses computer sensor vision, allowing it to follow users both indoors and outdoors with ease.

gita’s sensors allow it to see, understand, and react to its surroundings in the following ways:

Depth-sensing technologyA 3-dimensional understanding of people, obstacles, speeds, and trajectories so that it can dynamically follow behind you (mirroring your speed and adapting its distance accordingly).

Color-sensing technologyAbility to differentiate between people and objects during the day and night.

Neural networksAbility to process visual and spatial information in real-time for quick reactions and continuous learning.

The lithium-ion-battery-powered Gita can roll as fast as 6 miles an hour for as long as four hours — following its person without the need for GPS. The device “pairs” with its person, tracking their path while avoiding obstacles through its built-in “pedestrian etiquette” programming.