‘Prophetic’s Halo’ headband can help control dream. It is a neurostimulation device that is capable of both collecting EEG data and stimulating the brain with transcranial ultrasound

Prophetic has introduced I headband named Halo that can induce and stabilize lucid dreams.

The technology combines various elements, including ultrasound, generative 3D spatial pulse controls, fMRI training data, and EEG sensors.

The technology to stabilize lucid dreams leverages in transcranial ultrasound, a neurostimulation technology that has proven to be a safe and reliable way to induce and stabilize brain states. Transcranial ultrasound can direct focused mechanical energy—sound waves–through the skull at millimeter resolution to reach deep brain structures that are inaccessible to conventional electro-stimulation technologies like tDCS. In order to use transcranial ultrasound to induce and stabilize lucid dreams, Prophetic need to know two things:

What areas of the brain do you need to stimulate?

What ultrasound frequency is optimal for inducing and sustaining lucid dreams?

While there is a modest body of research on lucid dreamers that offers some tantalizing clues to the answers to these questions, more fMRI and EEG data is needed from active lucid dreamers. At the same time, we also need improved techniques for translating this data into actionable insights that will improve our ability to induce and stabilize lucid dreams. Prophetic’s Halo will address both of these issues.

The Halo is a neurostimulation device that is capable of both collecting EEG data and stimulating the brain with transcranial ultrasound. The EEG data is used to determine when the dreamer has entered REM sleep and is ready for lucid dream induction via ultrasound. The data collected by the Halo is processed by a proprietary neural transformer architecture that runs on the Prophetic app paired with the headset. Think of it as Halo’s “autopilot” that will improve the user’s ability to induce lucid dreams and stabilize those dreams once they’ve begun. At the same time, it will provide unique insights into the user’s sleep fitness.

The entire Halo headband has been designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Its endoskeleton is a biomimetic design that flexes and expands to ensure a perfect fit for any head shape and size. We carefully selected the exterior materials and placed the headband contact points to create a pleasant and natural feel without interfering with the Halo’s ability to induce lucid dreams.