‘reMarkable’ – Tablet that replaces a paper notepad

A digital notebook that can replace paper and notepad.

reMarkable2 – The world’s thinnest tablet. Organize your thoughts with the only tablet that feels like paper.

True paper feel. Weeks of battery. Paper-like sketching. No distractions. Annotate directly. No lag whatsoever. Readable in sunlight.

reMarkable 2 is0.19 in / 4.7 mm reMarkable 2 is 30% thinner than reMarkable 1. reMarkable 2 features the second-generation CANVAS display, which reduces the writing latency to just 21 ms.

reMarkable 2 runs a Linux-based Codex OS

two remarkable 2

Unlike the iPad and other tablets, the The reMarkable 2 is a slate where writing comes first.

  • Take handwritten notes, read, and review documents
  • A display that looks and feels like paper
  • Convert your handwritten notes into text
  • Take notes directly on PDFs
  • Eye-friendly reading
  • All your notes, organized and accessible on all devices
  • Support 33 languages.

Built-in eraser

The brand new Marker Plus comes with a second eraser-sensor in its top end

Practically unlimited pages and folders mean you can organize your notes, documents, and books however you like. Keep a notebook for each client or project and never lose track of them again.