‘rephrase.ai’ – Create studio-quality personalized AI videos at mass by just typing.

Rephrase.ai creates real videos from scratch. What traditionally used to take a team of director, camera people, actors, sound engineers, costume designers days to create your perfect video, it create the same beautiful video in real-time with the help of Rephrase engine which is completely driven by software!

With Rephrase panel, you can create realistic-looking AI-Generated Videos just by typing in your video transcript.

Create studio-quality AI videos as simply as typing. With Rephrase.ai, you can easily create stunning business videos.

The basis for their platform is facial re-enactment, where we predict the lip movements, facial expressions, head movements, eye blinks, and everything that goes into making the AI-driven presenter’s face look photorealistic.

It’s platform ensures that you control who can generate videos with your face, it can only be just you, your company and in some cases, like it’s onboarded public presenters, the faces are accessible to everyone with their consent.

Their platform allows B2B clients to onboard their own presenters, which means that those videos are not accessible to anyone else except that client itself, unless they opt-in to do so.

Only authorized businesses get access to their platform and that means no individual consumer has access without going through an approval process.

Team created Cadbury Advt. in India with hyper-personalized message embedded within the Cadbury ad instead of being a separate video, featuring the biggest superstar in the world- Shahrukh Khan! The ad has SRK’s digital avatar take the names of local stores across four categories – Fashion, Footwear, Electronics, and Grocery stores, urging the viewers to shop from the small businesses and stores that surround them and make it a very happy Diwali for them as well. Curious to know how it’s happening this time around? Read on!

Rephrase has employed AI tools to create these hyper-localized ads for Cadbury Celebrations which involved in creating a digital avatar of Shahrukh Khan – cloning him five times, each for one category. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is happening on a pin code level, thus enabling the users/clients to use Rephrase’s voice model and AI tech to create professional and quality hyper personalized ads featuring SRK for any store they like. This time around, the digital avatar has been cloned five times and is embedded within the Cadbury ad, taking dynamic creative optimization to another level.  

This campaign not only enables the small businesses to be featured in the Cadbury ads, but also empowers them to promote themselves through the creation of a platform where store owners across India, mapped through pin codes will be able to generate an ad featuring Shahrukh Khan, giving user-generated content a completely new dimension. And guess what, this isn’t just limited to store owners but also covers non-store owners giving them the chance to also create an ad for their local store! Wondering where the user factors in, in this journey? Cadbury is going to launch a microsite where the user has to input their location, the store category, and name and their contact details which will navigate them to the personalized video featuring SRK which will then be shared with them as a file through WhatsApp. 

This time around since the ads feature clones of Shahrukh Khan who is the biggest star in the world, the collaboration, and creation of his digital avatar will be a reflection of Rephrase’s tech and expand the potential of technology. Usually, Facebook and Google do not allow synthetic media-generated content for advertising – but with Rephrase they have pushed the envelope on what can be promoted. This comes as a big win for synthetic media and adds to Rephrase’s credibility of presenting ethical and quality work.

This hyperpersonal campaign from Cadbury and Rephrase takes marketing to new heights of creativity where brands can employ tech and concepts to not just promote themselves but also contribute to the greater good by supporting small businesses and providing them with the platform they need to amplify their business. This one collaboration will not just be the world’s first HyperDCO but also create a domino effect, attracting other potential clients to trust Rephrase with their tech and conceptualize and bring to life marketing campaigns like never before. 

With the ethical use of AI technology, there is a lot that can be achieved in the form of personalized branding and marketing.