RideVision – is a unique Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS)

Ride Vision is a unique Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) tailored to meet the safety needs of riders.

Our industry-leading Collision Aversion Technology (CAT™) is a fusion of Artificial Intelligence (neural networks) and Computer Vision, and is designed to seamlessly integrate with all motorcycle and scooter makes and models.

Ride Vision Alerts

Motorcycles are quick and agile. They lean, maneuver quickly on the road, and sometimes even navigate between other vehicles. Their lightweight builds and nimble maneuvering means they experience greater effects of physical force and roadway vibrations. Even basic navigating in traffic requires a rider to shift their motorcycle’s weight from side to side and from front to back (when braking and accelerating).

Ride Vision’s core technology is based on the unique fusion between software and hardware that is optimized for two-wheelers and their behavior on the road. Ride Vision was designed to act as a non-intrusive Ride Assistance System. Unlike dangerous and complex auto-controlled systems, Ride Vision provides riders with enough time to react on their own, and make the safest choice possible. 

Ride Vision’s unique system works by using two small wide-angle cameras mounted on the rear and front of the vehicle, that transmits footage to Ride Vision’s onboard processing unit, where a patented algorithm is used to detect and notify riders of collision threats in real-time.

With Ride Vision motorcyclists get crucial seconds back when reacting to roadway threats, which could mean the difference between a collision, and coming home safe after every ride.