‘Rival Rig’ -BMW’s New Gaming Chair

BMW in collaboration with subsidiary Designworks recently unveiled gaming chair of the future.

It has sensors built into the seat that measure the user’s exact body size and posture for an ideal fit

BMW Rival Seat

BMW’s Rival Rig is equipped with motors capable of giving users small massages, as well as a Micro Climate Control System that cools or warms the seat in various places based on readings taken by temperature sensors.

It has sensors to ensure max comfort, If you get a cramp in your arm, the chair will know and adjust the height of your armrest. If you getting a little warm? Then it has built-in air conditioner in their gaming chair to provide a cooling breeze.


This is complemented by different preset modes that are optimized for different usage scenarios (e.g., a “boost mode” for intensive gaming sessions and “ease mode” for relaxation).