‘Cafe X’ – robotic arm that make and serve a variety of drinks.

Robotic Coffee Bar is the most advanced café system in the world, with best in class sanitation, performance, and menu variety. 

Cafe X uses a robotic arm to both make and serve a variety of drinks.

CafeX – San Francisco International Airport

A Robot Barista That Dances
Cafe X previously opened a robotic coffee bar at San Jose International Airport’s Terminal B, near Gate 34. The company also has three other robotic coffee bar locations in San Francisco. The new robot barista at San Francisco International Airport is located at Terminal 3, near Boarding Area E.

CafeX – San Jose International Airport

Cafe X uses a robotic arm to both make and serve a variety of drinks. Although coffee tends to be one of the most popular choices, the robot barista can also make tea and other drinks. You can order gourmet coffee and have the robot add organic milk from Clover Sonoma or the Swedish oatmilk Oatly. In addition, the robot will entertain you with dancing.