AI Robots that give Massage

AI Robots are now available that give massage.

Developed by Singaporean startup AiTreat, “EMMA” is a robot masseuse designed to give Tui Na, a type of TCM bodywork similar to a deep tissue massage, a 21st-century makeover.

AiTreat is a high-tech startup HQ in Singapore developing cutting-edge healthcare technology to improve the lives of the people.


Using sensors and 3D vision to measure muscle stiffness, EMMA (which stands for “Expert Manipulative Massage Automation”) identifies pressure points and delivers massages to patients to help offer pain relief and relaxation. It’s robotic system provides soft tissue therapeutic treatment.

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Team collects and analyzes large amounts of data, which allows them to create a robotic treatment system that stores medical information using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This data is used to create an AI algorithm which aid physicians in designing a specific treatment that is suitable for each unique condition for patient.

With soft-touch treatment modules warmed to a temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), patients lying on the table might not even notice the difference between EMMA and a real-life masseus.

In US – ‘massagerobotics’ has developed a robot that provides message.

life-sized autonomous massage robot with collaborative robotic arms and cloud artificial intelligence. Users can control robot motion and force with their normal voice in English or Mandarin. With Machine Learning, the robot can create and recommend massage routines. In addition, users can build their own personalized routines and then share them using an intuitive mobile app.

The robot is connected to Google Cloud Platform and utilizes AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing services. Users can talk to the robot in their normal voice to control motion and force during a massage routine. Algorithms and AI enable the robot to recognize patterns of what humans prefer. Sensors collect data from networked robots and, through ML, gain experience in what humans like. Using Bigdata and a Deep Learning Recommendation Engine, the robots learn to diagnose with increasing accuracy and prescribe massage routines with precision.

Collaborative Robotics-
The robot has two 6-axis collaborative robotic arms that are intrinsically safe due to mass, speed, gearing, and software limits. The robot is programmed with sophisticated algorithms and equations that process parameters from a database. Parameters such as tool-ID, location, duration, path, speed, and force describe a given routine segment. Segments can be strung together into an unlimited number of different full routines.


Sharing Massages-
The robot is integrated with a mobile App. Users can intuitively create personalized massage routines and then share them publicly or privately. The robot uses a proprietary calibration process to measure each user’s body coordinates while setting up a profile. These coordinates are then used in an algorithm that enables users to share routines, so even the largest NFL football player can share with the tiniest ballerina.