Rocket Lab – private aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service provider

Rocket Lab is a private American aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service provider with a wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary.

It developed a sub-orbital sounding rocket named Ātea and currently operates a lightweight orbital rocket known as Electron, which provides dedicated launches for smallsats and CubeSats.

Mahia, New Zealand

Rocket labs is enabling companies, students, scientists, researchers, governments and entrepreneurs alike to get their ideas to orbit, right now. A solar system of possibilities has opened up for people who thought space was out of reach, until now.

Wallops Island, Virginia

The satellites built and launched are keeping countries connected and borders protected, they’re monitoring weather and managing waste, they’re providing insights on climate change, and helping us manage resources for future generations.

Rocket Lab offers the world’s only private orbital launch range in Mahia, New Zealand. This FAA compliant site can accommodate a launch rate of 120 flights per year and is licensed for a launch to occur every 72 hours. From the site it is possible to reach orbital inclinations from sun-synchronous through to 39 degrees. This enables a lower-cost launch option with a wide spectrum of orbital inclinations.