‘Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+’ – Next generation smart robotic vacuum cleaner

JetBot 90 AI+ is the industry’s first smart robotic vacuum powered by Intel® AI. It uses cutting-edge object-recognition technology to navigate your home just like you do: avoiding items as large as furniture and as small as cables without missing any spaces.

The JetBot 90 AI+ uses 3D sensors and enhanced object recognition to navigate your home as well as you would. Utilizing a high-precision LiDAR sensor similar to those used in self-driving cars to detect distance and track location, the vacuum is capable of moving with a high degree of precision. Able to sense distances of up to almost 20 feet, rotate 360 degrees, and access hard-to-reach spaces, no dirt is safe when the JetBot 90 AI+ is on the case.

When it comes to evading objects, the JetBot 90 AI+ features a powerful 3D sensor that allows it to scan an object and expertly maneuver around it without missing any cleanable spaces. Utilizing cutting-edge sensors, high resolution, and object recognition technology, the JetBot 90 AI+ is capable of not only seeing, but classifying objects in its line of vision to differentiate which items to avoid, and which to clean close to.

Intel® AI allows for object recognition capabilities based on learning from over 1 million images of household items. JetBot 90 AI+ is able to recognize objects such as sofas, bookshelves, tables, towels, and electrical cables.

JetBot 90 AI+ uses object recognition technology to identify and classify objects and decide the best cleaning path. It also comes with a separate camera to provide you with a second set of eyes in your home. When you connect your JetBot 90 A.I.+ to your smartphone via the SmartThings Pet, you can use the camera to remotely monitor your home and your pets.

the JetBot 90 AI+’s advanced digital inverter motor maximizes the 30W suction power of its Jet Cyclone system to trap dust from the air and dirt from the floor. The unit’s self-cleaning brush, which has fine fibers made of soft woven textiles, picks up dust from hard floor and reaches into crevices.

Once it has finished cleaning, the JetBot 90 AI+ returns to its Clean Station, an elegantly designed dock that optimizes health and convenience by automatically emptying the vacuum’s dustbin for you. Dirt, dust, and hair is emptied into a dust bag through a filtration system that traps 99.999%[1] of pollutants the vacuum captures and prevents them from being released back into your home.