Thermo Fisher Scientific Custom Cell Engineering Service

The task of generating cell lines, parental cell lines, high throughput-ready cells and other tools for your cell-based discovery projects can be greatly simplified with custom cell engineering tools from Life Technologies.

Complete your cell engineering projects in far less time by collaborating with our Custom Biology Services team. Whether your research requires engineered or Jump-In™ parental cell lines; BacMam virus particles or validated, high-throughput screening-ready cells in large-scale, Life Technologies has the in-house expertise to support and accelerate your cellular projects.

Jump-In™ Parental Cell Lines
Access stable, isogenic mammalian cell lines faster with the Jump-In™ cell engineering platform.

Whether you are an experienced cell engineer, or need engineered cells for your projects, the Jump-In™ cell engineering platform can accelerate your projects by enabling you to generate engineered cell lines in much less time than traditional methods. Jump-In™ technology helps accelerate stable cell line development due to the targeted integration of genetic material into specific integration sites using R4 integrase.

Depending on your needs and experience, we offer both do-it-yourself and outsourced options for accessing Jump-In™ technology, allowing you to choose the method that best utilizes your available resources and fits your desired timelines.

BacMam Virus Production

BacMam-enabled Cellular Assays are an efficient, easy-to-optimize, and robust method for interrogating specific signal transduction events in a cell background of choice.  BacMam-enabled cellular assays offer several key advantages.

  • Efficient transduction of mammalian cell lines, including primary cells and stem cells
  • Safety (non-replicating in mammalian cells) and lack of observable cytopathic effect
  • Frozen storage of pre-transduced cells generates assay-ready cells

Interested in custom BacMam virus generation or building an assay for your target of interest? Custom project scopes can range from creating a BacMam virus from your gene of interest to full assay development and batch transduction of your BacMam virus into your cell line of choice.

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