‘Air Pix’ an Air Selfie aerial camera that captures photos or video of you in either Auto-Fly or 360 modes

‘Air Pix’ is an aerial camera that can capture phots and videos (like a selfie). Its a pocket size smart phone operated drone with camera with self stabilization and auto-fly capability.


You can take stunning aerial 12MP photos and HD videos from unique angles and heights impossible with a handheld camera and share them instantly on social media!

AIR PIX even flies itself without a smartphone connection

You can Fly and shoot selfies in the analog App-Free AutoFly and Gesture Control modes! Your AirSelfie will launch, find you, shoot selfies and fly back to you all by itself without using the app.


AirSelfie pocket-sized aerial cameras are smaller than your smartphone allowing you to shoot selfies quickly and easily wherever and whenever you want. The AIR PIX weighs less than a golf ball. It’s so light that it does not require any agency registration giving you the freedom to fly, shoot and share anyplace!

AIR PIX has rich features and state of the art technology you would expect to find on a device that’s twice the price!


Optional powerbank docking sleeve keeps AIR PIX fully charged and always ready to shoot – anywhere, anytime. AIR PIX slips into the dock and the dock slips into your pocket.


The app that does it all and makes it look easy.

The new, super intuitive AirSelfie App is packed with cool functionality that makes it easy to fly and take photos or video with your AIR PIX and then edit them and share them instantly without ever leaving the app.

Flying option –

One-Touch AutoFly mode for autonomous flight that let’s you stay completely immersed in what you are doing at the press of a button.

The easy to master Manual mode for piloting your AIR PIX using the gyroscope in your phone and simple swipes of the app joystick.

In-App Image Editing let’s you customize your photos any way you want with the full image editing suite that let’s you crop, rotate or adjust brightess and contrast oradd filters, stickers, type and more – right in the app!

Once your image is just right you can instantly and seamlessly post it on your favorite social media platform right from the app. iOS users can also live stream right to their Facebook page or YouTube channel!