‘Vi’ bio-sensing earphones is a AI personal trainer that can help you stay fit

Vi is an AI personal trainer who lives in bio-sensing earphones. Power them on and she comes to life.Vi isn’t just another tracker, she learns and evolves over time.

Created by LifeBeam Labs, based in New York, Vi headphones (pronounced “vee”) are set of smart fitness-tracking headphones that promise to give you a personal trainer within your ears.

About the product
  • Cloud-based AI coaching engine
  • Aerospace-grade biosensors such as heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity and touch
  • Beautiful sound by Harman Kardon
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Wireless connectivity

LifeBEAM’s Vi all about fitness, with an AI designed to feel more human than Siri, Alexa and the rest of the gang. Vi was made with real human voice recordings, the result being a workout coach that feels more alive and personable than most – if not all – others we’ve tried so far.

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LifeBeam Vi claims to be the world’s “first true AI fitness trainer”. It’s a set of headphones that deliver customized exercise advice directly into your ears. Some are calling it “science fiction made real” while others are calling it one of the most genuinely useful wearables to date.

The headphones are made by an Israel-based company named LifeBeam. That company recently funded its project via Kickstarter.

To create the experience of a real-life trainer, Vi has been designed with a human voice powered by thousands of audio recordings. Vi doesn’t just repeat phrases, but converses with users. Her personality and training prompts adapt to the context of a user’s body, situation and environment.

From increasing stamina to weight loss, Vi helps users burn more calories, improve their runs, manage exhaustion and avoid injuries to achieve their goals. Vi’s adaptiveness supports a wide range of users from beginners attempting their first 5K to experts focused on improving marathon times.


Vi works using a proprietary technology called Awareable. That technology promises to measure more information from your surroundings in order to provide more valuable feedback.

Like most fitness tracker-style devices, LifeBeam Vi tracks things like heart rate and steps.

But it also takes it a step further and measures biometrics like your temperature, elevation, heart rate variability, motion, and other data using environment sensors, an accelerometer, and a six-axis gyrometer. These sensors are described as “aerospace-grade”.


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