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AI Hub offers number of products and services, which include –

In education, adjusting learning based on an individual student’s particular needs has been a priority for educators for years. AI allows a level of differentiation that is possible only by analyzing details of each learners’ capabilities and progress. Increasingly, education companies are looking to offer intelligent instruction products that use AI to provide learning, testing and feedback to students from pre-K to college level that gives them the challenges they are ready for, identifies gaps in knowledge and redirects to new topics when appropriate. 

In manufacturing. AI is being used to enhance supply chain planning, helping companies anticipate market changes. AI algorithms formulate estimations of market demands by looking for patterns with respect to location, socioeconomic factors, weather patterns and so on. This information is invaluable to manufacturers as it allows them to optimise inventory control, energy consumption, staffing and the supply of raw materials.

  • AI help accessible from familiar devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs
  • No need to learn and get used to new platforms / programs
  • Integrates with existing IT systems to deliver seamless experience
  • Tools that solve different problems and easily interact for better results
  • No need to try getting products from different providers to work together
  • Works with on-premise or cloud-based systems
  • AI machines especially good to spot patterns in the large datasets of today
  • More consistent interpretation of information in data

AI Hub SmartVision Suite – Applying intelligence to images in real-time, customized to your needs

SmartVision Suite’s custom solutions include:

  • processing camera feeds to detect undesired results (such as breaches of social distancing)
  • vision systems for autonomous mobility
  • analysis of medical images for diagnosis

Object recognition / tracking

  • image classification
  • object detection / tracking
  • scene parsing

Faces / people recognition

  • facial recognition
  • face detection
  • person re-identification
  • pose estimation

Words / characters recognition

  • optical character recognition
  • license plate recognition

Other image intelligence

  • anomaly detection
  • depth estimation
  • image generation / retrieval
  • image segmentation
  • medical image analysis

AI Hub SmartLanguage Suite –Applying intelligence to language, customized to your needs

SmartLanguage Suite custom solutions include:

  • uncovering insights from financial market information
  • intelligent generation of educational material
  • translation and transcription for healthcare documentation


  • language parsing
  • machine translation
  • question answering
  • sentiment analysis
  • text classification

AI Hub SmartPrediction Suite –

SmartPrediction Suite custom solutions include:

  • estimation of future customer demand for different retail products
  • risk assessment systems for credit and insurance issuance
  • personalization of educational material for individual learners


  • customer churn prediction
  • recommendation system
  • credit / insurance risk
  • predictive diagnosis
  • predictive maintenance