‘Skreens’ lets you connect multiple HDMI devices to one screen and play them all togther

Skreens lets every device stream at once. Your gaming console. Your cable box. Your blu-ray, Roku, PC and anything else you’re switching between — now all

Watch multiple sporting events at one time; Switch games between large and small skreens; Mix in internet content like team stats, fantasy stats, or team bios.

The Skreens app puts all of your HDMI signals on one display

Skreens turns your TV into a media hub with multiple simultaneous feeds


Skreens is a two or four-port hub that connects multiple HDMI devices. So, if you want to watch a movie, play Playstation 4, watch a Twitter feed and get a real-time ESPN ticker at the bottom of your screen for all the latest sports scores, you can. In addition, you can move these windows around, resize them or choose from one of half a dozen or so pre-made on-screen layouts.

These layouts are created, or selected using a PC (Windows or Mac) or mobile device.


Even more impressive, you can daisy chain the hubs to get even more feeds and layout options.


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