‘Sleep.me’ – Hiber-AI analyzes your sleep activity and adjust environment for better sleep

Sleepme+ technology provides dedicated virtual AI based sleep that continually creates the ideal sleep environment based on your current sleep activity. It also provides daily sleep report that allows you take control of your sleep and health goals.

Insight Sleep Tracker tracks your sleep, Place the tracker between your mattress and ChiliPad Pro mattress pad.

Hiber-AI analyzes your sleep activity
The tracker sends your sleep activity to the cloud in real-time for Hiber-AI to analyze.

Your bed temperature changes automatically
Based on our proprietary algorithms, Hiber-AI will send temperature changes to your Dock Pro to improve your overall sleep.

It Includes –

Hyper AI

Insight Sleep Tracker

Daily Sleep Reports

AI for sleep

Using our AI and YOUR current sleep activity we’ll make bed temperature changes with the goal of improving your overall sleep. 

Each night is different

Each night your sleep changes for a variety of reasons. Hiber-AI is designed to make bed temperature adjustments to course correct negative variables affecting your current sleep.

All About You

Hiber-AI doesn’t use generic profiles based on data of people that are similar age, sex or live in your area to make temperature adjustments. Your data is what makes Hiber-AI work for you.