‘hum’ – smart electric toothbrushes

The hum by Colgate Smart Battery Operated Toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity guides you to brush better by tracking the frequency, duration, and coverage of your individual brushing style to help you target spots that need extra love.


hum – smart electric toothbrushes guide you, time you, and remind you – helping you get into the rhythm of better brushing. hum smart toothbrushes deliver personalized care that guides you to brush better.

It has multiple modes let you choose the vibration level that best suits you. It’s smart sensors connected to smart toothbrush helps you target spots that need extra care.

electric toothbrush

The Starter Kit includes a smart electric toothbrush handle and head, batteries, travel case, and an extra refill head to help you keep brush heads as fresh as your mouth for up to 6 months. With a brush that knows you and an app that shows you, hum sonic toothbrush makes seriously good oral care something to smile about with fun activities and challenges that help you improve your brushing while you earn points toward rewards. Go beyond the guesswork with our soft bristle toothbrush.