‘SOMATIC’ – bathroom cleaning robot service

SOMATIC offers an autonomous bathroom cleaning robot service. The robot uses a no-touch, 3 step system, to clean all bathroom surfaces with a high degree of efficiency. Operating as a monthly service, the robots autonomously clean without requiring direct supervision.

Somatic’s robots are programmed to clean restrooms via VR which sprays and wipes down surfaces. It is also capable of opening doors and riding up and down in the elevator, enabling clients to save up to 50% of costs and have lower staff turnover.

SOMATIC uses a three step, touch-less cleaning process. The process begins with sanitizing. The robot sprays a chemical solution onto the area. Next a jet of fresh water is sprayed to remove any debris as well as the chemical solution. In the final step the robot vacuums the floor dry using it’s built-in wet vac.

The process sanitizes and disinfects all surfaces and material types. It also is effective at eliminating odors as well as mold, mildew, and allergens. Because the entire process is done autonomously, it enables cleaning teams to greatly reduce the time it takes to effectively clean bathrooms. All while providing building occupants with a superior experience.

The Somatic robot is a kind of box with four wheels from which comes a robotic arm in charge of vacuuming and cleaning the floor.

It also has other smaller dispensers to pour water under pressure, detergents, and other substances on the surfaces to be cleaned. It operates completely autonomously once it has learned the bathroom in which it must clean.