Non-Toxic Sterilizing Spray Invented

An innovative product promises dirt and germ free surfaces without using toxic coatings.

This latest science invention from the Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials in Turkey and patented by Nanopool GmbH Germany is a spray-on invisible thin glass coating that sterilizes, protects and strengthens surfaces. It is a flexible and breathable spray-on glass film which repels water, dirt, stains, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

The film is approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair and has multiple applications and uses in numerous fields. The coating is environmentally friendly and can be applied within seconds to make any surface easy to clean and safe from anti-microbes. Interestingly enough, it provides higher levels of sterility than surfaces cleaned with bleach or other chemicals.

The special glass coating has promising results for a wide range of applications used in medical equipment like implants, catheters, sutures and bandages. It could also be used for buildings, vehicles, appliances, clothing etc.


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