‘Suvie system’ – counter top kitchen robot system

Suvie is Your All-In-One Countertop Appliance. Kitchen Robot Suvie 2.0 is dual zone, cool-to-cook countertop appliance for proteins, vegetables, and some starches.

Just load your meal and tell Suvie when you want dinner ready. Suvie automatically refrigerates your food and starts cooking when you tell it. Schedule ahead cool-to-cook works with sous vide, slow cook, reheat and steam modes. Just press the appliance button for cool-to-cook in bake, roast or broil modes.

Suvie Kitchen Robot: Wi-Fi countertop oven refrigerates, cooks food - CNET

When it’s time to cook, Suvie uses precise temperature control to perfectly cook your meats with no risk of overcooking, and simultaneously gently steams your vegetables.

Using the same patented water-jacketed technology to cool your food, Suvie can gently thaw and then cook your food from frozen in as little as 25 minutes. You can always load frozen food into Suvie and schedule it to finish cooking later in the day, Suvie will automatically defrost any frozen food you add.

Suvie | Your Countertop Kitchen Robot

Scan to Cook
With Suvie Smart Meals and recipes, simply scan the label on the package or the recipe card, and Suvie will know exactly what times and temperatures to use for your meal.

Our unique dual-heating elements produce delicate cakes, crunchy breads, and other favorite baked goods. Bake mode also uses our exceptionally fast quartz elements to eliminate preheating time.

Roast to Perfection
High temperature roasting is ideal for crispy vegetables and beautifully browned chicken, fish, or pork tenderloin. The powerful quartz heating elements quickly cook your food with a wonderful roast flavor.

Broiler Finish
Two state-of-the-art quartz broilers heat up in seconds to precisely brown your proteins and vegetables. It’s easy to caramelize sweet glazes on pork or add an extra crispness to brussel sprouts.