‘Tally Health’ AI-powered tests reveal your biological age (epigenetic changes)

‘Tally Health’ has developed new AI-powered tests that tells ones biological age by determining the speed at which organs, cells and tissues decline.

The tests measure epigenetic patterns, or changes in the body that affect how genes behave. Unlike a calendar age.

Unlike chronological age, biological age tells a story of how slowly or rapidly your internal body is aging. Compared to chronological age, biological age is a better predictor of how long you will live and how many of those years will be in good health. Luckily, biological age can be estimated and is changeable.

Epigenetic changes are preserved when cells divide. Most epigenetic changes only occur within the course of one individual organism’s lifetime.

TallyAge™ Test

While there are different ways to estimate biological age, the gold standard is by measuring DNA methylation.
Methylation is a tool our cells use to control which parts of our DNA are accessible or restricted. By adding a small chemical called a methyl group (-CH3) to a specific DNA molecule, that region of DNA is now marked with a flag that can affect how much of a gene is produced. DNA methylation patterns change drastically over time and can be analyzed to predict biological age.

Tally Health™, a revolutionary consumer-facing biotechnology company founded to change the way we age, launches today. Co-Founded by Dr. David Sinclair, one of the world’s foremost experts on aging and human longevity, Tally Health develops proprietary, science-backed technology aimed at improving healthspan and extending longevity at the cellular level.

Recent research led by Dr. Sinclair suggests that cellular aging may be driven by changes to the “epigenome,” the machinery that helps read the DNA code.

“Our genetics determines less than 10% of our longevity; more than 90% is a result of our daily lifestyle choices.”

Dr. David Sinclair, Co-Founder, and Melanie Goldey, Chief Executive Officer, Tally Health

The full Tally Health product suite
In a recently published scientific study in the prestigious journal Cell, Sinclair and his team presented 13 years of research showing that epigenetic changes can be safely reversed in mice to improve the function of tissues, akin to reinstalling cellular software. Another important research development has been an improved ability to quantify biological age by reading the epigenome, a measure of one’s unique rate of aging and overall health (Source: Nature, 2020 & Cell, 2022). All of these findings have yet to be replicated in humans.

Consumer interest in the longevity space has exploded, with the global longevity economy projected to reach $27 trillion in 2026 and the AgeTech segment reaching $2.7 trillion by 2025 (Source: Longevity Technology). Tally Health is bringing these innovative tools and science directly to consumers and has amassed a nearly 270,000-person waiting list.

Individuals can learn their biological age, or TallyAge™, with Tally’s easy-to-use, at-home, non-invasive cheek swab test. Tally Health uses a proprietary biological aging clock and a next-generation DNA analysis procedure to analyze genetic modifications that change throughout aging and reflect lifestyle habits.

The TallyAge™ clock has been trained on the largest and most diverse consumer DNA dataset for adult human buccal tissue, with over 8,000 samples. The test reads the abundance of epigenetic DNA modifications called “methyls” that change with aging and depend on lifestyle habits. An individual’s TallyAge™ is then calculated using Tally’s proprietary machine learning model.

Tally Health memberships include quarterly biological age testing, as well as personalized insights and actionable lifestyle recommendations through a digital experience designed to help people lower their TallyAge™. Members also receive a science-backed, daily longevity supplement called Vitality, designed to boost cellular defense mechanisms and lessen the effects of aging in one comprehensive formulation.

“DNA is no longer the sole predictor of our destiny or longevity. Our genetics determines less than 10% of our longevity; more than 90% is a result of our daily lifestyle choices and environment, and much of the research and interventions in the near future will be focused on extending the human health span,” said Tally Health co-founder Dr. Sinclair, who is also a scientific advisor to the company. “The interest in aging has sparked massive research insights in the field globally and propelled the science of aging to a new level.”

Tally Health is led by CEO Melanie Goldey, a strategic health-tech operator formerly of TMRW Life Sciences, Refinery29, and Everyday Health, who has led a $100M IPO and two sales valued at approximately half a billion dollars each. Tally Health, co-founded by L Catterton partner Whitney Casey, was incubated and is backed by L Catterton, the largest global consumer-focused private equity firm.

“We built Tally to be the science-backed, health ally for anyone looking to improve their healthspan and increase longevity,” said Goldey. “Age is just a number – that you can now change.”

To purchase a Tally Health membership or TallyAge™ test, visit TallyHealth.com.

About Tally Health™

Tally Health™ is a biotechnology company founded to change the way we age. Co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair, who remains a scientific adviser, Tally Health’s proprietary diagnostic test and individualized interventions give members the science-backed tools to live healthier, for longer. Tally Health was incubated and is backed by L Catterton, the largest global consumer-focused private equity firm. To learn more about Tally Health, visit tallyhealth.com.