A.L.I. Technologies Japan’s ‘Hoverbike’ that can fly 3 meters high at 30 km/hour

XTURISMO Limited Edition, a hoverbike developed by A.L.I., is an air mobility product that offers an unparalleled new experience of moving through the air. This hoverbike is being released as a limited design model, the first step of a line of products that will become a new icon of air mobility, which is expected to be used in a range of fields such as transportation in areas with inadequate infrastructure.

A Japan-based drone startup backed by popular soccer player Keisuke Honda, manufactured by A.L.I. Technologies, the bike is equipped with a conventional engine and at least four battery-powered motors.

Hoverbike can fly about 3 meters on the spot, and can move in air at a speed of 30 km/hour.

In his presentation, Daisuke Katano, President and Representative Director, said, “We will enable the emergency use of hoverbikes in times of disaster, and at the same time, promote the use of hoverbikes in entertainment in times of non-emergency. In order to implement this technology in society, we feel the need to first develop regulations and foster general recognition (social acceptability). We will develop this technology as an industry that can contribute to society.”

Moving forward, in addition to the development of aircrafts, we will actively work on the development of C.O.S.M.O.S., a flight management system that manages applications and operations for safe social implementation.

C.O.S.M.O.S. is a system for building sky roads (flight paths) and operating large number of air mobility vehicles and drones in the safest possible way. It is also being used in NEDO’s drone demonstration tests.

At the presentation, a manned demonstration of the XTurismo Limited Edition was conducted, and the display model that is to be sold was exhibited. Additionally, the Sky Road was unveiled, and Kyocera exhibited a VR aircraft that allowed visitors to experience the sensation of driving the XTURISMO.

A.L.I. aims to become the global standard for air mobility, and the XTURISMO Limited Edition, which we are proposing as a limited-edition model of a product that will build a new airborne platform, will be available to order after the presentation on October 26, and is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2022.

■XTURISMO Limited Edition Product Overview

Product Name: XTURISMO Limited Edition
Base Price: 77,700,000 JPY (Tax included) – 777K USD
Dimensions: 3.7m(L) x 2.4m(W) x 1.5m(H)