‘Boxabl’ – factory built modular building technology with adaptable architecture for home.

Boxabl is your one stop for Accessory Dwelling Units Construction. They design and build ADUs off site and deliver to your residence.

House is delivered to you and setup in just one day.

Boxabls are built in a precision factory environment from cutting edge materials and are packed with the latest technology.

Modular design and foldable architecture allows homes to be build in factory and delivered to location to be unfolded.

Boxabls are made from steel, concrete and EPS foam. These are building materials that don’t degrade and will last a lifetime. The walls, floor and roof are structurally laminated panels that are much stronger than the average building.

 Boxabls are rated for hurricane speed winds. They can handle the worst wind conditions in North America.

The interior and exterior of the structure is clad with non combustible materials. 

Boxabl buildings are extremely energy efficient. In fact, they use a much smaller air conditioning system than a traditional home. This is because the high R value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging.

Plumbing, electric and HVAC all come pre installed in your Boxabl from the factory. Utilities simply plug in on site to the exterior corner of the Boxabl.

Casita wdim.jpg

Full-Size Kitchen

Large Fridge • Double Sink With a View • Oven • Dishwasher • Microwave • Shaker Cabinetry

Complete house right out of the box


Deep shower/tub • Vessel sink • Large counter • Backlit Mirror • Sliding Glass Barn Door


19.5ftx 19.5ft • 375 sq ft • 9’6″ Ceilings • 8′ Huge Doors & Windows • Wide Plank Composite Flooring • Built-In Ironing Center • Washer/Dryer • Heating & Air Conditioning

​Ultra-Low Utility Bills
Insulation technology and included LED lighting saves you money every day

Boxabl is a building system that can build almost any style of home. Different modules stack and connect to build anything. New Box sizes will likely be 20×20, 20×30, 20×40, 20×60

Boxabl doesn’t use lumber or sheetrock. The building materials won’t be damaged by water, and they won’tgrow mold. This means if your Boxabl floods, the water drains out, and the structure is undamaged.