Griffin Technology has launched a new Smart Connected Toaster that can be managed from a smartphone.

Griffin Technology has launched a new Smart Connected Toaster that can be managed from a smartphone.

“Simplifying and enhancing how people use technology in their daily lives was the founding principle of Griffin back in 1992,” said Scott Naylor, VP of Product Development at Griffin.

Starting your morning off right begins with the first product in the Griffin Home collection, the Connected Coffee Maker. Waking up to the perfect cup every morning is merely a tap away with this Bluetooth-enabled, smart coffee maker. The 12-cup drip coffee maker has a timer and includes settings to adjust coffee strength while the companion smartphone app saves your preferences for a brewed-to-order cup every time.


The next step in making mornings as streamlined as possible is the Connected Toaster, a full-featured digital toaster that helps users toast smarter. This Bluetooth-enabled smart toaster is controlled by a companion smartphone app to offer personalized settings for the perfect slice, every time. Connected Toaster is a two-slot toaster with digital temperature adjustment and settings for bread type, darkness, even gluten-free breads. Once you’ve dialed in your preferences, the app remembers how you like it. Connected Toaster links with other Griffin Home products for seamless integration into your daily routine.

Another great beginning to your day, Griffin’s Connected Mirror presents time, weather, and status messages from other Griffin Home products. This AppPowered, smart mirror displays essential information discretely, on demand with a tap of the app to reveal or hide the info. Users can customize the smart mirror with the companion smartphone app to show more or less information on the mirror. Connected Mirror is easy to set up and securely links to your home’s WiFi network as well as other Griffin Home products.

Griffin’s new PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon round out the Griffin Home collection by reminding users to plug in and charge before they run out of power. The App-enabled, Bluetooth-connected smart chargers deliver up to 12 watts of power for max-rate charging of even the most power-hungry tablets and smartphones. The built-in Bluetooth connects the charger with your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve told the app when you want to be reminded to power up, the charger will signal the app whenever it’s in range and remind you to plug in. Add multiple chargers throughout the home, office and car to create a connected network so you’ll always know when it’s time to charge. Never be at a loss for power again, with PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon.

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