‘Vix’ technology is modernizing the transit to better passenger experience

Vix Pulse is a high-performance, secure, reliable and auditable automated fare collection and transit payments solution that is shaping the future of transit as well the passenger experience.

A number of business and technology trends are impacting public transport and fare collection and are driving change and innovation. Wireless communications such as 4G and WiFi mean data can flow increasingly in real time, while the cloud is making processing and storage capacity increasingly cost-effective and secure. With more than 90 per cent of the population owning a smartphone in many markets, mobile is becoming the core of the transit experience for many users. The transit industry is moving towards account-based systems, opening the market for the penetration of contactless EMV and other open payment options that provide operators the ability to accept more payment types and give passengers more options to pay. Transit operators are also facing challenges from alternative service providers and know they need to focus on a passenger’s transit experience.

Vix Pulse was designed to take advantage of these business and technology changes. The Vix Pulse platform supports account-based ticketing, open payments and closed loop card-based ticketing in a single, highly configurable package. Sophisticated financial management tools, including transit clearing house capabilities, are also a core part of the solution. Vix Pulse is enhanced with a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) simplifying integration with a wide range of devices and business and fare calculation systems. The platform can be deployed within customer data centres or in the cloud, and delivers unrivalled real-time performance and scalability. And, the open architecture ensures Vix Pulse is ready to meet changing demands seamlessly as transit needs continue to evolve.

The benefits for our customers include: unified system management and configuration across multiple fare models and transit modes, market-leading security models, reduced lifetime cost, and simplified API-driven integration with third-party services. In addition, localised compliance for technical and legal requirements is delivered building on our years of successful implementations.

Smart Card-based Automated Clearing Centre Moves Passengers at World-high Rate

With the predicted influx of international travellers for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games the city of Beijing’s Metro system needed a fare collection solution that was capable and efficient.

Vix Technology partnered with Beijing Infrastructure and Investment Company (BII) to help transform the city’s public transport system, while also providing the infrastructure for future expansion.

Based on our award-winning MASS platform Vix introduced the smart card-based Automated Clearing Centre (ACC), which was able to process more than 10 million passenger journeys in less than four hours. The system initially integrated Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems from five individual AFC providers, providing a single Clearing House across all of Beijing Metro. Since inception, the system has processed more than 18.2 billion passenger journeys with an average 15 per cent year-on-year growth in passenger use. Today, the subway is the world’s busiest in annual ridership, averaging 3.4 billion trips annually (9.3 million per day) with peak single-day ridership reaching 11.6 million journeys.

In 2013, as part of an overall capacity expansion program, the ACC system capacity was scaled to be able to process 18 million passenger journeys and 50 million transactions per day. Vix continues to provide on-going support and maintenance for the ACC system via CCRTT as the system continues to grow.


Vix’s RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information) solution delivers the up-to-date information that passengers expect and the operational insights and control that operators demand. We provide a number of different solutions and applications to meet our customers’ requirements, including Automated Vehicle Location and Fleet Management and Tracking. Advanced features such as Traffic Light Priority, for both centralised and local systems, are also provided. This solution has proven itself to deliver the increased fleet utilization and reduced operational costs every operator needs. Vix provides a range of displays on-vehicle and on-street that are core to delivering these benefits for operators.

Vix’s RTPI also provides a number of different communication streams for public information, including physical displays, audio outputs, websites and mobile apps. This ensures the right presentation of the right information at the right time for passengers.