‘Govee’ – WiFi Temperature Humidity Monitor Wireless Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer measures temperature and humidity. It’s smaller & compact design, this space-saving device is lightweight and portable. And you can be placed in multiple locations.

Monitors temperature and humidity in real-time on the app. 262ft connecting distance (no obstacles) allows you to quickly get data remotely from anywhere in your home. 

Set preset temp and humidity ranges with the Govee Home App, and if levels fall out of that range, you’ll receive a notification instantly

With a built-in Swiss-made sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±0.54°F and humidity is ±3%RH. Enjoy precise data from the hygrometer thermometer every 2 seconds.

Swiss-made advanced sensor, temperature and humidity reading are accurate to 0.54°F and +3%RH, respectively. This helps tremendously in monitoring humidity inside incubators. Even in still air incubators, humidity that is too low or too high could lead to early or late hatches. Prevent this by being able to identify trends, obtain valuable information in 2s or less, and maintain high air quality.

 The temperature is accurate to ±0.54°F while humidity is ±3%RH. It provides high precise monitoring.

Featuring 20-day on-board data storage, you can get recent temp & humidity records through curve graph.



With the Govee Home app, you can create preset temperature and humidity levels. If the temp/humidity falls out of this range, you’ll receive a notification instantly, no matter where you are. With rapid alerts and historical graph trends, you can react in advance to sudden air changes in your reptile tanks or cigar cases. Monitor your air quality where it matters most!