Tenease – A New treatment for Tennis Elbow

A new medical device called Tenease  has been developed by Ranjan Vhadra, a leading orthopedic surgeon for the treatment for tennis elbow.  The disease itself is a chronic condition caused by damage to the fibres of the elbow which lead to weakness and pain. As this is a common condition, it may affect most adults at some stage in their lives.

Vibration therapy has proven to be the most effective method for treating tennis elbow and can also help reduce pain by more than 40 percent; however, this treatment is expensive and requires the use of large machines which are only at a hospital. Tenease is the only medical device available that is specifically developed for tennis elbow and a similar, condition, golfer’s elbow.

It uses patented vibration therapy to block pain and reduce the healing time by stimulating the blood flow to an afflicted area, which stops pain and promotes healing. It works to increase the blood flow to the area, allowing the damaged muscles to heal.

Tenease is a easy to use, safe and effective treatment that tennis elbow. It offers a portable, strap-on device which when placed on the elbow helps to relieve pain .It generate the same low frequency vibrations generated in much larger machines. The device stops the pain signals before they are sent to the brain.

This device is safe and suitable for home use. Until now there has been no truly cost-effective way of providing pain relief and promoting recovery for this condition.

Tenease provides a drug-free, low-cost approach to pain relief for people who live with chronic pain conditions.
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