FLIR ONE is a thermal camera that attaches to Android or iOS devices

FLIR ONE is a thermal camera that attaches to Android or iOS devices that visualize the otherwise hidden world of heat. Equipped with an enhanced Lepton thermal camera core, the FLIR ONE combines visible and thermal images together using a patented technology called MSX to make the thermal image crisper and more recognizable. Everything around us is either emitting or reflecting thermal energy and with the ability to see it and measure it on a mobile device, we can interact with and understand it in useful, interesting and fun ways. FLIR ONE extends human vision. It is the new sixth sense.

FLIR ONE features:
• A more powerful thermal sensor with four times the resolution for crisper and clearer thermal images.
• Automatic tuning. There is no need to manually tune the device for optimum use.
• A lighter-weight design that is less than a third the weight of the original.
The device retains its own dedicated battery and has the side-by-side visible and thermal cameras. When combined through MSX, the software dramatically increase a user’s ability to interpret a thermal image in real-world environments.

The latest generation of FLIR ONE is compatible with Android products with a micro-USB and Apple products with a lightning connector, including the Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, 6 plus and iPad, among other devices.

The FLIR ONE Developer Program is an entire campaign dedicated to enabling developers to create innovative and useful apps for the FLIR ONE. Developers are encouraged to join the program to gain access to FLIR ONE development tools, resources and training to become a FLIR Certified Developer. The new FLIR Approved Applications program gives developers access to additional resources and tools to make their apps as compelling as possible and gives consumers some assurance that apps bearing the FLIR Approved Applications badge have been reviewed by FLIR and deliver thermal imaging benefits to consumers.

Some examples of the many new apps that are or will soon be available, include:

• Comfort Tracker: guides homeowners and professional contractors through a home energy assessment to identify opportunities to improve comfort and efficiency by recommending solutions and identifying local retailers of Owens Corning insulation.
• Manything: a free app that turns spare iOS devices into video monitoring cameras and has integrated the FLIR ONE to enable remote thermal vision, temperature triggered alerts and thermal motion detection, even in total darkness.
• Zombie Vision: turns your FLIR One enabled mobile device into a fun, real-time Zombie locator.
• Everfave: Innovative iOS and Android app for consumers to discover and share recommended businesses and pros. Consumers earn rewards for sharing their experiences and recommendations with their friends.
• Infrahorse: aides horse enthusiasts in determining ‘hotspots’ or asymmetry in a horse’s legs, hooves ! or back that may denote a potential health issue.

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