‘Tiny11’ – compact version of Windows 11 Pro edition developed by NTdev.

Tiny11 is a compact or stripped version of the official Windows 11 Pro 22H2 edition, made by NTdev. Basically, this operating system is specially developed for users who have older PCs with less storage and RAM. It’s not like that only outdated machines can use this OS but a normal user can also use it to get a faster experience.

Tiny11 is an OS shrinks standard Windows 11 install down from 20GB+ on disk to approximately 8GB and “runs great” on a system

NTDEV’s tiny11 offers a lightweight yet comfortable computing experience with Windows 11. Users who were not able to upgrade their system due to TPM 2.0 or some other requirements, can now do this.

Furthermore, this version has all the important utilities like Paint, Calculator, Windows Terminal, Notepad, and Microsoft Store but there is no Microsoft Edge. In short, this custom-made OS has everything that is required by a casual user without having any useless bloatware or pre-installed apps. And that’s why some of the users also call it a de-bloated or Windows 11 lite edition.

Tiny11 is a debloated and customized version of Windows 11 OS made specifically for devices with less powerful hardware.. Last week we wrote about this Win11 OS. Now, in response to public demand, the developer has made Tiny11 available for ARM64 devices. Tiny11’s developer, “NTDEV,” said in a tweet that it is now available for ARM64 devices.