Topdon TCView TC001 / TC 002- Infrared camera promises extends the mobile phone light-collecting capabilities by stretching into the infrared portion of the spectrum

Equipped with an ultra-high IR camera resolution of 256×192 pixels, the TC001 can produce a thermal image with unmatched clarity.

The TC001 is especially suitable for objects where surface temperature is hardly distinguishable, such as circuit boards and other electronics.

The TC001 is compatible with Android phone/tablet and features a downloadable app to turn a regular smartphone into a high-tech thermal camera. Windows tablet functionality is also supported.

With a wide temperature range of -4℉ to 1022℉(-20℃ to 550℃) , the camera can perform temperature readings for all kinds of objects.

The TC001 infrared thermal camera can perform temperature detection within ±3.6ºF (2ºC) or 2% of max temperature.

Monitor Temperature Change By Waveform Graph
The TC001 can take continuous measurements of a scene, storing the data in the App. This data can provide the high, low, and average temperatures of objects in the scene over a set period of time and generate a waveform graph.

This waveform graph makes thermal reading observation much clearer, and allows for easier thermal temperature analysis.

It can also display surface temperature variations as little as 0.1ºC, allowing users to detect temperature with extreme precision.

Designed with mobility in mind, the TC001 can easily pair with most Android smartphones; the device only weighs 30g, and measures 71x42x14mm; further adding to the TC001’s mobility.