Welt is a smart health tracking belt designed to manage your weight and calorie burn.

Welt is a smart health tracking belt designed by Samsung health care technology company to help you check on your weight. Welt stands for wellness belt. Made for everyday use, WELT manages your weight and calorie in/out by measuring waist size, steps, sitting time, and overeating habits. WELT calculates customized goal for steps using your height, weight and waist size.

Put on your WELT and then download WELT app in Play Store or App Store. Please turn on Bluetooth and Location service before opening the app. Follow the instructions on app to pair with your WELT.



WELT supports waistline of 28~44 inches, it measures waist size using magnetic waist sensor embedded in the buckle and the strap.

WELT tracks steps using accelerometer with its own algorithm, it also tracks movement of the belt hole with its own sequence algorithm


It’s Samsung’s Creative Lab project. The Smart Belt is the first health tracker integrated with a belt. Welt is popularly known as Digital & Smart Belt.

WELT‘s belt manages users’ wellness. It encourages users to embrace healthy habits.


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