HOHO Smart Film & Smart Glass – Transform from opaque barrier to a clear state.

Smart film has the dimming function that power on- transparent, power off-opaque. Aiming at the common glass, the smart film can be stuck on the surface of it. The installation process is simple and easy, avoiding the re-installation of your glasses.


PDLC Film consists of a polymer matrix of liquid crystals enclosed by electrically conductive Indium Tin Oxide-coated PET film. The resulting PDLC Film has wiring attached to a conductive copper strip (busbar) along the film’s edge. This wiring isconnected to a step-down transformer through which power is supplied for the “on” (clear) state.

Privacy Protection and Room Partition :
 The first function is privacy protection . Transform from opaque barrier to a clear state. Allows architects and contractors to provide creative design concepts on demand .

Rear Projection Screen : Great solution for a rear-projection screen with high contrast.

hoho smart film

Explosion- proof : No distraction of shutters blinds or drapes.

Heat Insulation : HOHO Smart film can block sun solar energy, 99%UV, 98% IR rays.Protecting your interiors fading and yellowing. And meanwhile, can protect people from disease caused by direct sunlight.

Sound Insulation : Can block noise by 20% more than normal glass.

Multiple Control : Different style controls like remote control, wall switch, light sensor, voice control, APP etc…


Shanghai HOHO Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in researching, developing , producing and selling smart film and smart glass. We commit ourselves to the field of global construction materials ,Home Automation , windows ,doors and glass,automotive and supporting theses fields with high quality smart films and smart glass. HOHO smart film is consist of imported high permeability liquid crystal film and high quality automotive float glass. Our Products have been guaranteed quality management ISO9001 and environmental management system ISO14001. Transmittance is up to 82% (average is 77% , domestic), hazy degree is less than 3.4%, ( average is 4.5%,domestic) . The power rating is less than 4W/sqm. All the parameters are superior than international level.