‘GLIMM’ transparent holographic films display

Innovative new Glimm Screens transparent display technology like Transparent films for holograms.

Holographic Projection Film

Holographic front and rear projection films
Glimm manufactures different types of holographic films. There are 100%, 95%, 50% clear films available. Glimm Holograpic Films™ are transparent projection films for holographic projections. The film will be invisible when not projecting. The polymer technology that is used for the Holographic Film™ creates brilliant results: a sharp image, vivid colors, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency

Holographic Film options

  • Available for front holographic projection
  • Available for rear holographic projection
  • Available on rolls (up to 2m width, 50m length)
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Different transparencies available

To make you see without being seen. That is the magic of Glimm Holographic Films™. They are eye-catchers. Manufactured from transparent polymers, the films offer a perfect balance between transparency and image quality.

Film Solutions:

  • Touch screen technology
  • Cut to size (custom sizes)

The polymer technology that is used for the Holographic Film projection films creates a brilliant results: a sharp image, vivid colors, wide viewing angles and astonishing transparency! Glimm holographic film is a base ingredient in many holographic solutions. Our factory location is Zwolle, Netherlands.

Film Material options

  • Non permanent or permanent sticking
  • Anti-reflectives
  • Adhesives
  • Scratch resistance
  • Other substrates for films

The Holographic Film is the perfect medium for point of sale promotion and communication. The image quality combined with the see-through touch technologies that Glimm provides, makes this one of Glimm’s top products. This Film can also be used for 3D Projections, Transparent glass projection, Stereoscopic projections in 2D/3D, Pepper & Ghost applications or teleprecense.

Holographic foil

This film is the solution for see-trough projection in:

Shopping mall
Fairs, shows and demonstrations
Window projection
Touch screens PCT or IR technology
Large size pepper & ghost application

Holographic Film on Glass

Available for Front and Rear projection

Laminated glass; holographic foil laminated between two glass plates with anti-reflection coating insensitive to distracting light, brilliant and high contrast pictures high-transparent screen, homogenous light transmission can be used as a frameless screen. It has a great viewing angle, high durability, is UV-resistant and easy to clean, usable for outdoor-use and available from 2m x 7m with polarized light (usable for 3D projection).

Transparent Rear Projection Screen

Holographic Film between glass

Available for Front and Rear projection

  • Acryl screen with laminated, holographic projection foil. And diffusing cover foil lightweight low-priced, Holographic Film can be laminated on single acrylic or poly carbonate materials of different thickness it means you can easily create or make your own screen. The size can be 2m x 3m without any lines.
  • The Holographic Film can be combined together to make large screens, without visible attachment lines.
film Between glass

The transparent polymer technology in short

Using a specific chemical process, polymer components are warmed up and made rigid. The material created this way is an acrylic substrate that’s perfect for projection. It is possible to modify the gain, the contrast or the transparency of the substrate by slightly changing the chemical formula. The polymer technology that is used for the Holographic Film™ creates brilliant results: a sharp image, vivid colors, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency!

Hologram film Benefits

True clear projection filmsAvailable up to 200’’ and higherCan be used with short throw projectionsCan be used with touch screens single or multi-touchEasy to customize (for example interactive table)