Kymera Magic Wand is a universal remote control that can be taught to control a number of different electrical appliances.

Kymera Magic Wand is a universal remote control that can be taught to control a number of different electrical appliances. Kymera Magic Wand Remote, acts as a buttonless remote control for your TV, Hifi and DVD player.

The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control gives you the opportunity to perform magic in your own home! Imagine walking into the room with your children and their Muggle friends watching TV, whipping out a magic wand from under your jacket and changing the channel in a flash.

  • Can learn 13 infrared remote control codes and replay them at your command with 13 easy to learn gestures
  • Control almost anything that can be remote controlled with just a flick and a swish
  • No need for all the codes to be learned from a single remote control
  • Compatible with most home electronics that use remote controls, like televisions, DVD players, DVRs, stereo systems, and more
  • Twirl the wand clockwise to change channels or program the wand to pause/play when the wand is brandished up and down



Why not add a magic spell into the equation to really impress them! An ideal birthday, housewarming or Christmas gift for any Harry Potter fan, the Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control will have friends and family spellbound as you zap to your favorite shows with a flick of the wrist.

Becoming an expert on magic requires a little practice and instruction. When you first receive your wand, it will pulse to let you know when it’s ready to learn. In Practice Mode, the wand pulses a set number of times for each gesture you do and these gestures can be assigned to up to 13 controls. This intelligent wand will learn from your motions and will vibrate once each spell has been memorized.

For example, rotating the wand between your thumb and forefinger can be used to adjust volume levels. Quick movements upwards and downwards could easily change channels. Once you have taught your wand the desired functions, send the infrared code to the device you wish to control, making sure to finish with the wand pointing at the device. Now, you can magically control music and video with the flick of your wand!

The Magic Wand Remote Control is great for gifting to your favorite witch or warlock. It comes packaged in an ornate, silk-lined box with a well-illustrated owner’s manual. Plus, it includes 2 AAA batteries, so you can start practicing magic as soon as you get your wand.


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