Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick -NEW GENERATION OF MOBILE JOYSTICK

Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick is a Touchscreen joypads attach to your smartphone’s touchscreen and the plastic nub on top rotates, just like a joystick on a controller.

It can be fixed on any mobile phone or tablet, has excellent paste ability, and will not scratch the touch screen. Also, you need to note that this joystick is helpful for direction control only, so you make sure you have the sprint button activated.

You cannot leave them on permanently as they will cover a part of your display. So you need to attach these every time you want to play PUBG. Some of these do come with a reusable material, for instance, the Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick.

NEW GENERATION OF MOBILE JOYSTICK – uses a special elastic material to improve the adsorption surface, the joystick can be fixed on any mobile phone and tablet PC surface, has excellent paste ability, can rotate the phone is still stuck on the screen 360 °, will not scratch the touch screen. It can be easily removed without leaving any scratches or residue and is extremely durable.

HIGH SENSITIVITY PLASTIC ROCKER – ANTI-HAND SWEAT! Mini Mobile Joystick will give you the best precision and comfort for the touch screen games. Most player increase their performances by up to 50%!

Easy to use and never overwrite the game – Joystick diameter is 0.99 inches, no additional spiral pattern covering game. No wires, Bluetooth or battery needed, just paste it on the screen to start playing! It helps to relieve finger pressure by simply pressing the pressure on the screen of the phone, allowing the player to completely abandon the analog joystick and enjoy a variety of complex games.

Perfect compatibility – any game with a certain kind of screen control panel is suitable for mobile joysticks. It is compatible with all touch screen devices. Like King of Fighters 97, Dragon Nest, Contra, King’s Glory, etc. And using screensavers will bring an excellent game control experience.

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